Wiiflow USB Loader: Installation and Settings

WiiFlow is an open resource usb loader which capabilities a complete 3d box, front-and-back again “coverflow” interface. When Hibernatus, Wiiflow’s designer, completed edition one.one he left the challenge and launched the resource code. More than the very last yr it has been resumed by Narolez, who has since retired, and picked up by r-win and Miigotu (who at the moment lead this task).

[a] Unique Announcements
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Wiiflow G2C
Here’s a tiny system you can use to convert the WiiTDB genres to categories for Wiiflow:

Quote Originally Posted by enemywithin
I wrote a plan to convert the WiiTDB genres to classes for Wiiflow. This is achieved by mapping the genres to the preferred classes. I included the mappings.ini file that I use for my collection.

1. Choose the “titlesdump.ini” file (this is picked immediately if the drive is linked and it’s in the wiiflow\settings folder)
2. Click the Update button (the mappings.ini file is loaded and utilized)
3. Resolve the genre-to-category mappings (as essential)
4. Click the Output button to preserve the “categories.ini” file.

New edition for present Wiiflow. It no longer calls for the “titlesdump.ini” file, instead it parses the wbfs folder. Only functions with FAT32/NTFS drives.

Wiiflow G2C

WBFS vs. FAT32

As improvement on Wiiflow has progressed help for WBFS drives has waned. If you’ve observed by yourself getting issues working Wiiflow with a WBFS formatted drive (black screens where you had none just before, prolonged delays loading into Wiiflow, skips and delays whilst sorting through your video games in the app alone) know that you aren’t by yourself.

For me these “glitches” were steady and quite, very irritating.

I’ve a short while ago reformatted my hd to FAT32 and have witnessed all loading issues with the most up-to-date model of Wiiflow vanish. In actuality, it now functions as effectively for me as R25 and looks to load practically as fast.

My personalized recommendation if you’re experiencing these forms of odd behavior, and you have a WBFS formatted drive, is to reformat to FAT32 and give it a shot.

Wiiflow Fanart Creator

Our great member richardsito has posted information on a couple wonderful tiny apps which lets you customize your personal fanart and video trailers for Wiiflow! These characteristics are restricted to existing releases of Wiiflow, so if you’re nonetheless operating good ole r25 you’ll require to skip out on them or update. But for everyone else, check out out:

Wiiflow Fanart Creator
Wiiflow THP Video clip Converter


I wasn’t conscious of this web site until eventually I saw it in a linkback post to this manual. Examine it out: It’s a total site on the latest edition of Wiiflow full with guidelines, photos, and other cool information. And guess what? It’s maintained by the guys presently spearheading the Wiiflow task.

Anybody who is updating from an previously revision:
Due to a whole lot of improvements, also in the configuration files, you may well expertise issues when you upgrade your present version to this new edition. In case you practical experience unexpected conduct, or a code dump, please attempt to start off from refreshing.
Specifications and Downloads
To run Wiiflow you will require:

1. Homebrew Channel
2. At least a single of the following: cIOS 222/223/224/249/250 (222 edition of Wiiflow suggested)
3. SD Card with at least 100MB free of charge (or a FAT32 partition on your USB HDD)
4. FAT32/WBFS/NTFS formatted USB HDD (FAT32 advised)

Most current Downloads
These can usually be discovered on the Google Source downloads page: Downloads – wiiflow – Task Hosting on Google Code
Wiiflow two.1a2 Downloads – Thanks to Krank for the links
Extract the apps folder straight to the root of your machine then adhere to part A or B below to end the installation.
Adhere to Area C if you want to shop the application’s information on your Wii console (older model).

* 2.1a2 cIOS 222 model
* 2.1a2 cIOS 249 model

You can also find some forwarders for Wiiflow on Krank and Cile’s FAT32 guide.

For a extensive record of characteristics/updates see the Changelog at the bottom of this post.
Archived Downloads – Consists of 5 forwarders and R25-appropriate themes
For this archive part I’ve brought collectively forwarder channels from the original package, as effectively as all 25 authentic themes (plus seven a lot more not incorporated in the authentic download) into 1 .rar file.

V1.1 R25 Total Download (66.19MB)

Included Files(Abbreviated):
-Carbonik Channel Forwarder
-Spayrosam Channel Forwarder
-Starnight Channel Forwarder
-Static Channel Forwarder
-Narolez Nforwarder
-32 themes



**If you encounter any concerns, examine the Troubleshooting Part below and the Readme Files before asking for support**
A. Homebrew Channel
Run Wiiflow_222/223/224/259/250 relying on the IOS you want video games to load from by default.

Bear in mind to set up Hermes cIOS (rev four/five) if you want to run Wiiflow_222-224.

Default IOS can also be transformed anytime in Settings (see area [6]). All application memory is saved on the SD Card or USB HDD using this method.
B. Forwarder Channel
Obtain the R25 Full pack in the archived segment over to get the forwarders.

Pick and set up a forwarder by means of Wad Supervisor making use of IOS249 (or any trucha-signed IOS). The
forwarder channel will seem for and load Wiiflow from an SD Card or a Body fat partition on your USB HDD. This
will consume a modest amount of memory on the Wii console and set up a channel to the process menu.

Once you have set up the needed wad file, your folder structure have to match the list beneath.

Forwarder appears for these exact paths (in this order):
* SD:\apps\wiiflow\boot.dol
* SD:\wiiflow\boot.dol
* USB:\apps\wiiflow\boot.dol
* USB:\wiiflow\boot.dol

If the forwarder is consistently rebooting to the system menu, you most likely carried out this step incorrectly.
C. System Channel
Obtain WiiflowR25 Channel Wads.zip
(If you obtain this file, click right here and inform Baboo77 thanks by clicking the Thanks button!)

Pick out a WAD and extract to ROOT:\wad\, then install with Wad Supervisor.

Technique Channels appear related to Forwarder Channels but have the application’s info inside of a single WAD file.
Putting in a single of these indicates you won’t want to spot the application’s boot.dol file on your SD card or USB HDD.[/CODE]


Click to Open
Main Menu:
Up / Down………………Preceding / Up coming game (one-step)
Left / Appropriate……………..Previous / Next sport (maintain for multi-step)
Minus / Plus…………….Earlier / Following page
B+Minus / B+Plus……..Alphabetic search
A…………………………Pick out game (Open Game Menu)
B+A……………………..Start game promptly
Property……………………Exit to Program Menu
one / two……………………..Preceding / Subsequent layout

Sport Menu:
A on box………………..Cover flip (Display the backside)
A out of display screen…………Launch game
B…………………………Back to Principal Menu
Minus / Plus…………….Preceding / Next game (1-step)
Left / Proper……………..Preceding / Up coming game (hold for multi-step)

Settings Menu:
Minus / Plus…………….Past / Next page

Coverflow Settings Menu:
B+Minus / B+Plus……..Earlier / Up coming page
B…………………………More rapidly adjustment (B+A instead of just A to click a button)
B+one……………………..Duplicate full coverflow
B+2……………………..Paste coverflow


Wiiflow Major Menu
Click to Open
World-wide Settings
Return to Wii Main Menu (Should be activated in World-wide Settings)


World-wide Settings
Click to Open
Page 1
-Obtain Addresses & Titles:

-All (This will download addresses for each game on the hard disk, changing any that currently exist)
-Missing (This will obtain covers for any game that doesn’t already have one, or for individuals that only have 2d addresses)
Sport Titles
-All (Very same as previously mentioned)
-Missing (Very same as over)

-Parental Controls: Will allow you to set a 4 digit parental code.
-3D Boxes: This will exhibit 2d game covers when turned Off.
-Rumble: Turns the Wiimote rumble feature on or off when browsing Wiiflow.

Page 2
-Theme: Highlight + or – and press A to decide on a theme. Press Back again or B to load.
-Language: Highlight + or – and press A to decide on a language.
-Regulate Coverflow: This will allow you adjust the parameters of every coverflow layout of the chosen theme.
-Set up Sport: Insert a sport disc and press GO to dump a game to your usb hdd.

Page 3
-Exit To Wii Menu: Spots a Household icon on the Wiiflow Principal Menu.
-Conserve Favorite Mode State: If Preferred Mode is picked on the Principal Menu when you exit, turning this on will enable Wiiflow to boot up in Favored Mode.
-Default Search Mode: Pressing -/+ on the Principal Menu will scroll by means of games alphabetically or 11 games at a time.

Page four
-Music Volume (-255): Sets background music volume.
-GUI Sound Volume (-255): Sets consumer interface volume.
-Coverflow Sound Volume (-255): Sets coverflow variety volume.
-Game Sound Volume (-255): Sets banner songs volume.

Page 5
-Default Video Mode: Sets the world-wide video clip mode games will use to load from. Set this to “Default” (“Progressive” for HDTV+part cable customers).
-Default Game Language: Will boot the sport in the picked language if supported.
-Error 002 Repair: Enacts worldwide 002 repair for all games when turned on.
-Ocarina: Turns on hacks for all video games. Must have a valid .gct file at SD:\codes\.

*For instance, NSMB (PAL) code path – SD:\codes\SMNP01.gct

Page six
-Modify Tv Width: Expands or contracts horizontal photo duration.
-Alter Tv Peak: Expands or contracts vertical picutre duration.
-Horizontal Offset: Shifts left/correct place of the screen.
-Vertical Offset: Shifts down/up position of the screen.


Choosing a Game
Click to Open
Loads the sport (Duh)
Returns to Main Menu
Mark as favorite
Disables and removes game from the Principal Menu if parental code is energetic
Particular person Game Settings
Mindful! Deletes a sport from the checklist AND from your tough drive


Game Settings
Click to Open
These settings influence only the sport which has been picked.

Page one
- Video clip Mode: Identical as Worldwide Video clip Mode, but utilized only for an person game.
- Language: Very same as World-wide Sport Language, but utilised only for an individual game.
- Ocarina: Exact same as Global Ocarina, but utilised only for an person game.
- Dol: Defaults to Major.dol. Can only be adjusted if an alternate dol is positioned in the sd root.

Page 2
- Patch Country Strings: Utilised to assist Jap. titles for NTSC-U/PAL consoles.
- Error 002 Repair: Identical as World wide Error 002 Repair, but utilized only for an particular person sport.
- ViPatch: Patches the signal soon after the sport has been rendered from the assortment produced in Video clip Mode. If the other video clip modes don’t operate, try this.
- IOS: Choose which IOS to load game from. Default is dependent on which boot.dol you utilized to load Wiiflow.

Page 3
- Download Cover: Downloads an person sport cover, changing any currently on file.
- Block IOS Reload: Enables games that don’t normally operate due to IOS Reloads. Functions ONLY if you boot your loader in 222 and the game in 222/223.
- Patch Video clip Mode: Regular or A lot more or All.

* “Normal” signifies it will only patch video modes that have the similar resolution as the one you’ve selected.
* “More” indicates it will patch each and every video clip mode as prolonged as its mode (interlaced or progressive) is the similar.
* “All” signifies it replaces any mode it finds.


Manually Downloading and Putting in Sport Covers
Click to Open
Game covers can be downloaded online from any web site that supplies them. Standard sizes are 1024×680
or 512×340. The larger the res. the much better the image. They need to be in .PNG format and named with
the proper six-digit id code to match the game they go to. For instance, New Super Mario Bros. Wii
PAL edition game code is SMNP01. As a result the cover requirements to be named – SMNP01.png

Complete Addresses

* USB:\wiiflow\boxcovers
* SD:\wiiflow\boxcovers

2d Covers

* USB:\wiiflow\covers
* SD:\wiiflow\covers

Exception: If you connect a harddisk with a Excess fat- and a WBFS-Partition, WiiFlow
will conserve its files to the Extra fat-Partition. To stay away from this, you ought to open the
file SD:\wiiflow\wiiflow.ini and add the entry “information_on_usb=no” in the group
[Basic]. WiiFlow will dismiss Extra fat-Partitions then. If wiiflow.ini isn’t there,
copy the 1 that has been created on the HDD.


Autobooting from Priiloader
Click to Open
With NForwarderWiiflow.dol in the root directory of your SD Card, electrical power on your console although holding the
reset button to load into Priiloader. Pick Load/Install File. Afterwards, navigate to Settings and make the
subsequent changes: “autoboot=Set up File” , “return to=autoboot”

Right after rebooting, this will immediately load Wiiflow when you electrical power on the console and reboot to Wiiflow when you exit a
game. To get your system menu back again right after exiting a game, alter “return to=technique menu”.


Including Customized Music to Wiiflow
Click to Open
If you want to have some music in WiiFlow, you can save 1 or much more .ogg/.mp3 audio files inside of of SD:\wiiflow\music or USB:\wiiflow\music.
WiiFlow will randomly play one of these files every time you commence it. If the file is played to the end of it, it will
start about once more. If you want WiiFlow to play an additional file, you need to do a restart by keeping the B-button and pressing Home.


Click to Open
Q. One thing odd is taking place / Worked just before but doesn’t now / Black Display When Loading Wiiflow / Anything Else…
A. Beneath specific conditions the config file can get corrupted. Delete wiiflow.ini from ROOT:\wiiflow\ then reboot and reload the plan. This
will generate a new config file and hopefully clear up any concerns.

Try out The Previously mentioned 1st Ahead of Asking For Aid!!

Q. I’m receiving a black display when I load a specific game(s), how do fix it?
A. You probably have an out-of-date IOS revision. Go here.

Q. The game loads the wrist-strap white display screen, but freezes afterwards. What’s incorrect?
A. It may well be a undesirable dump. Try out downloading a different release.

Q. I’m attempting to add music files to Wiiflow, but every single time I load it possibly doesn’t play or I get a code dump.
A. Much larger music files consume far more memory from the application. Check out making use of songs files < 3MB in size. And again, make sure they’re in .OGG format.

Q. I can’t download covers online!
A. Wiiflow defaults to wiitdb.com for its cover-downloading. Check that the site isn’t experiencing slowdowns. You can always add them manually.

Q. The forwarders aren’t working, but I know I set the path right just like it says at the top of the page.
A. You might have an outdated IOS35. Use NUS Downloader to download the latest IOS35, then install with Wad Manager.

Q. I tried deleting a game in WBFS Manager and now none of my games work.
A. Add your games back to the drive and try deleting your game from Wiiflow next time. Also check out ncWBFSTool which is, imho, a superior manager.

* For more on this see bigjat69′s post here.