Custom IOSx Rev 21 Installation Guide

[ CIOSx Rev 21 ]

* Extra support for IOS58.
* Added assistance for IOS58 EHCI module (more compatibility).
* NAND emulator fixed (most things really should operate now).
* Several fixes and improvements.

FAQ – Read This 1st

Installs cIOSx rev21. Any previous versions will be overwritten. A operating web connection or the correct base wad on the SD card are needed

Set up Notes

Offline End users – The Pack consists of the necessary base wads for offline set up. Program menu IOS are not incorporated as installing a cIOS with a base of IOS60, 70 or 80 is not essential.


* SD Card formatted to FAT32
* The Homebrew Channel
* A Fakesigned IOS to set up with (IOS36, 236, 249, 250)

Included IOS and Base IOS Functions

* IOS36 – Untested
* IOS37 – Used for Instruments and Audio Games
* IOS38 – Identical as prior revisions. Steady, operates with Triiforce.
* IOS53 – Untested
* IOS55 – Untested
* IOS56 – Somewhat More rapidly USB Loading. Works for most Games.
* IOS57 – Slightly More quickly USB Loading. Performs for most Games.
* IOS58 – Unknown

Proposed IOS Base and Slot

Solution 1 – Triiforce & Mighty Channels Customers (If employing Triiforce update to mighty channels).

* IOS249 – Base IOS38
* IOS250 – Base IOS57

Selection two – Incompatiable with Triiforce & Mighty Channels

* IOS249 – Base IOS56
* IOS250 – Base IOS57

IOS slots supported by current loaders

Neogamma: Only supports cIOS slot 249.

USB Loader GX: 249, 250, 222, 223

CFG USB Loader: 247, 248 ,249 ,250 ,222 ,223 ,224

Utilizing wad managers with cIOSx Rev 19 +

When utilizing cIOSx Rev 19 + (installed utilizing a base other then 38) with wad manager you will require to use wad manager or Multi-Mod Manager.

Alternatively you can install cIOS236 and use that (or use your patched IOS36) with older versions of wad manager.
Online Set up – Download This

Offline Set up – Obtain This

Extract to SD:/

Please Note: This guidebook will display you the procedure for installation employing the IOS 249 slot set up with a base of IOS56 as an instance. You can choose any Base IOS and IOS slot you want. Just repeat or alter the process as necessary. For suggestions on what Base IOS you should use see the FAQ segment previously mentioned.

1. Get started HBC – Load cIOSx rev 21 Installer
2. Pick IOS 36 or IOS236 as the IOS to use throughout installation (Or IOS249 if you have it).
3. Examine the Disclaimer – Press A If you agree
4. “Pick Base IOS Version” < IOS56> – Press A
5. “Pick out Customized IOS Installation Slot” Pick < IOS249> – Press A
6. “Decide on Customized IOS Installation Mode” Pick Wad Install or Network Set up – Press A
7. If you chosen Wad Set up – “Select Supply Device” Choose Wii SD Slot – Press A – Wait around
8. Putting in make sure you wait around…..Achievement – Press Any Button to Carry on – Press B to EXIT