[GUIDE] Region Change any Wii to 4.1, USA, Euro, Jap, KOR

Functions with all Nintendo Wii’s
Functions with 4.2 wiis likewise, even the black ones.

Warning 4.3 wii, if you follow an overview besides my overview of softmod your wii, you should take out the stubbed ios70. This is critical, merely put up cIOS70-v6174. zip with a wadmanger

1 wii needing yet another region.
Needs a patched cios with ES-Identify and Trucha.
A patched ios36/236 or wani’s / herme’s cios-base38 will certainly function.

Wii Store Channel users- If you use the wii shop stations and mean to change the region, you must first enter the wii store and delete your store account before the area modification. If you do not desire to erase your shop account you could not change the region of the store channel, in this instance leave the shop channel establishing set to your current region in ARC mod6. If you do not delete the shop acount, you will be not able to access it following the region modification of the store environments.

For on the internet set up-.
ARCmod06. zip.

For offline install-.
ARC_mod06_offline4.1 _ all. part1. rar.
ARC_mod06_offline4.1 _ all. part2. rar.
password is QK.Mod
Remove the 2 part rar to sd:.
Your card must look like-.
sd: ios update41 (required for offline put up).
sd: apps ARCmod06_Offline boot. dol.

Load HBC- launch ARCmod06_Offline.
Select ios236- press A (or ios249 r14, r17 or if base 38 was used).
Check out the WARNING- press 1.

ARC mod has two components-.
Edit Region Settings:.
This lets you transform specific environments.
System Food selection 4.1 Installer:.
This allows you set all setups to UNITED STATE, Europe, Japan, or Korea.
And puts in System Food selection 4.1 for that region.

Online and offline put up is supported.
ARC mod defaults to offline set up if sd: ios exists.

Usage the wiimote, go down to-”system menu 4.1 installer”.
Select “System Menu Region”.
Modification the region to USA, Europe, Japan, or Korea.
Go down to “Vehicle collection from System Food selection Area” -Press A.
“WARNING: AREA: SysMenu MISMATCH!” will certainly show up above- this is typical.

Decrease to “Install System Food selection 4.1″ -Press A.
“Are you wish to once again conserve?” -Select YES, press A.
“Are you certain you wish to put in System Menu 4.1″ -Select YES, press A.
Ios31 installs (for RgnSel & EULA).
Ios60 installs- select YES to patch with trucha pest and ES_Identify spots.
Select # 2 to use Waninkoko’s version.
SM 4.1 installs.

“Are you intend to put up RgnSel + EULA” -Select YES, press A.

“Are you intend to install Shopping Channel-V18?” -Select YES/NO, press A.
Ios61 installs(for Store Stations)- Select NO to Trucha Area,.

“Setup total!”.
“Press any sort of key to continue”.

ARC mod- main food selection lots.
All environments ought to match the set up system food selection.
The “CAUTION: AREA: SysMenu MISMATCH!” mistake ought to no much longer be shown.
Validate, verify, verify- make certain all info is proper.
Leave To HBC.

Now Download Priiloader and install it from HBC.

CAUTION: This might Block your wii.
CAUTION: This removes Priiloader, it should be reinstalled.
CAUTION: If you loss power, or disengage, your wii will most likely block.
WARNING: It is probably a really bad concept to change a non-Korean wii to the area(?).
WARNING: Modchip users will require to reconfigure the region setups of their modchip, otherwise disks will certainly not pack from the disk channel.