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[MMM] Multi-Mod-Manager is a multi-purpose all-in-one tool for the Wii. Lots of helpful capabilities are neatly integrated into a user friendly menu to make it possible for and much better support homebrew. Like a helpful ‘Swiss knife’, it saves users from the headache of coping with separate various tools. And it does it without sacrificing any functions or functionality.

For those that’s Wii remotes separate, you will certainly have to make use of Wiimod 3.2
It’s nearly identical to MMM, so this guide is still worth the read!


In this Multi Mod Supervisor (MMM) overview, I’m going to set out all the components of this great little App.

Now go here –> MMM 13.4 rar. Download and unzip, then duplicate MMM to the “Application” folder on your SD card.

Main Features

Main Features:.

  • APP Supervisor to quickly release homebrew from SD card.
  • WAD Supervisor with faster batch procedures and safety measures.
  • IOS Supervisor to check/install/delete / patch/dop IOS or tradition IOS.
  • Manage Priiloader Hacks and change to it or Wii System Food selection.
  • Install Wii System Menu v4. x from Nintendo web servers.
  • Install Wii Programs from Nintendo web servers.
  • Install & Area IOS36 to allow homebrew (specific 1-click TBR).
  • Remove stub IOS or extra IOS.
  • Show boot2 version and details.
  • Show Wii system setups and additional …
  • Reload to any type of IOS via an easy-to-use choice food selection.
  • Configurable by editing “sd: / mmmconfig. txt” data.
  • Real-time on-screen standing and detail records on all operations.
  • Clear and easy-to-understand individual interface to a powerful as well.
  • Secure, loadable and compact from HBC, bannerbomb or as a channel.

Tons one more IOS. Do this very first to steer clear of Mistake -1017, and Mistake -2011.

The best ways to Load an additional IOS.

Below you could choose which IOS you wish MMM to fill from, and use to install/uninstall things.
The best IOS to select are IOS36, IOS236, IOS249 or IOS250.

If you are a visual learner, watch the Vid … App Manager.

With “Application Manager”, you could pack any sort of Application that performs your SD card. (The Apps in the Application folder on your SD card).
You can additionally load your selected App with a certain IOS. To do this, see the “Lots one more IOS” spoiler over.

Check out the Vid if you are an aesthetic learner.

IOS Supervisor.

The major function of IOS supervisor is to allow you to Load/Install/Delete any sort of IOS you wish.

You will certainly see when you fill IOS manager, that all the put up IOS are in yellow, and all the IOS that are NOT put in join white.


Installing an IOS.

1. Select/highlight the IOS utilizing the D-Pad – Press A.
2. It will ask you to apply patches – Point out NO to all patches. Yet if you are putting in IOS36, claim yes to all areas.
3. Bunch IOS. wad from: Choose one of the adhering to alternatives: SD card/USB Storage/SMB/Ninty servers – Press A.

Deleting an IOS.

I wouldn’t recommend this, unless you have accidently upgraded from Nintendo, and have actually stubbed your cIOS.
IOS 222,223,224,249,250, will certainly be your cIOS. And later in the overview I reveal you the “Take out Stubbed IOS” Function.
Yet so you understand how to do it.

1. Select/highlight the IOS making use of the D-Pad – Press” -” (Minus) to uninstall.
2. Press A to uninstall or B to terminate.

If you’re a visual student, view the Vid.

Wad Manager.

Several of you may have had some encounter with Wad manager currently as a stand alone App.
And it’s very little different in MMM, other than the batch install function.

From Wad Manager you can set up and uninstall wad documents.

Select the wad you wish to put in, and press A – Press An again to verify.

An orderly function of Wad Supervisor in MMM, is the potential to put in multiple WAD submits at one time. To do this,.
Select the heap with the D-pad, Press” +” to note for batch set up. Do the same for every Heap data you intend to put in,.
and once again Press A to Install – Press An once more to verify.
And after that Wad Supervisor will certainly undergo all the Heap files you’ve picked, and install them.

If you’re a visual learner, enjoy the Vid.

Manage Priiloader.

In manage priiloader, there are 3 choices.

1. Edit priiloader hacks. (This indicates that you could Enable/Disable some of the hacks you like.).
2. Is not really beneficial, so I will not explain it below!
3. Like choice 2.

Check out the Vid if you are a visual learner.

Handle System Food selection.

This feature, permits you to set up System Food selection’s 4.1, 4.2, 4.3.

It is not advised you do this unless you’re complying with a quick guide that specifically informs you to do so!

You have been warned!
No Vid needed.

Manage Wii Channels.

One more excellent component of MMM is “Handle Wii Channels”.
Away you could set up Wii Stations, but an “internet hookup is required”.

Available channels:.

  • Shop Channel.
  • Net Network.
  • Image Stations.
  • Mii Stations.
  • Updates Channel.
  • Weather condition Channel.

Scroll through the channels to discover the one you wish to install and the region, press A to install.

If you’re a visual learner, see the Vid.

Install & Patch IOS36.
One more fantastic feature of MMM right here. Setting up and patching IOS36 is vital,.
because once put up and patched, you could after that set up all other WAD file’s with.
IOS36. Now download this–) IOS36 Patch MMM. Unzip/Extract, and duplicate the WAD data’s to the ROOT of your SD card.
Option 1.

1. Tons HBC – Select Launch MMM – Press Bunch – MMM Loads.
2. Select “Install & Spot IOS36″ – Pick “Express Method” – Hang around.
3. Validate an effective Install – Press any key to Continue – Done.

Option 2.

1. Tons HBC – Select Launch MMM – Press Bunch – MMM Plenties.
2. Select “Install & Area IOS36″ – Pick “Normal Mode”.
3. Lots IOS15-64-v1032. heap from: < SD Card > (SD Card)- Press A. 4. Tons IOS15-64-v257. heap from: (SD Card) – Press A.
5. Lots IOS36-64-v3608. heap from: < SD Card > (SD Card) – Press A-Installing, wait.
6. Load IOS36-64-v3608. heap from: < SD Card > (SD Card) – Press A – Installing, wait.
7. Installment Full – Press any kind of crucial to Continue – Done.

Enjoy the Vid if you’re a visual learner.

Get rid of Stubbed IOS’s.
I touched on this earlier in the overview, however, Here you could pick from 3 Options to eliminate Stubs and Extra IOS. The first option is the most valuable as it removes the useless stubs in the 222, 223, 249, 250, 254 slot machines that avoid cIOS installment.

Option 1:.
Get rid of Stub IOS 222, 223, 249, 250, 254. Allows fresh cIOS to be installed.

Choice 2:.
Remove Stub IOS 4, 10, 11, 16, 20, 30, FIFTY, 51, 60.

Option 3:.
Only for Wii’s that have actually been transformed to one more region. Won’t be explained here!

Check out the Vid if you’re a curb learner.

Screen boot2 Information.

Shows your Wii’s boot2 variation, and various other information.
No Vid required.

Display Wii System Facts.

Last of All.

Forwarder Network.
Multi-Mod Supervisor Forwarder Stations– Multi-Mod Supervisor Forwarder – DFM1 – 249_Boot. rar.
This Stations uses IOS249 to boot. You could transform the IOS it utilizes with CustomizeMii if needed.
Unzip/extract & Install with MMM/Wad Supervisor.

Config Data.

MMM will certainly fill the IOS specific to the “mmmconfig. txt”, rather of the default IOS58.

Multi-Mod Manager Config Data – Auto Load IOS36Auto Load IOS236Auto Load IOS249Auto Load IOS250

Exactly how to use: Download & Unzip/Extract the RAR documents, duplicate the “mmmconfig. txt” to the SD Card origin.